About Us

We have experts in study and research team in fashion and design trends. This allowed us to always be at the forefront in clothing, footwear and accessories.



More than 22 years guarantee our experience and results in the clothing, footwear, accessories, and bicycle industry, being leaders in the study of trends, brand positioning, design, production, quality control, global logistics, points of sale´s management. Both national and international brands.


Learn how we work. Every step makes the difference.

01 Coolhunting & Lifestyle

We look for the best and most current trends according to the DNA of the brand that we are working with. We are constantly looking at showcases around the world, taking trend trips and actively informing ourselves of what's coming.

02 Collections Design

We propose complete collection folders that shows what the brand's story wants to be shown at the points of sale.

03 Manufacture

Through our own office located in the city of Shanghai, China, we watch over the productions in each of the factories at every stage of manufacturing and production. Not leaving any details out.

04 Quality Control

We have developed a very modern and effective concept of quality control of our productions in each of the factories that we operate. These checks are done online and for finals inspections. We use georeferenced technology to avoid any intervention or human errors in the final reports.

05 Shipping

We are concerned that the merchandise that we have manufactured, effectively gets on the transport defined in a timely manner.

06 Sale Support

We have a vast team of Retail, routers and replenishers who are in charge of the correct, timely and effective placing of the merchandise at the destination points of sale. We care about making an effective sell out management.