Our innovative designs, detailed manufacturing, and rigorous quality controls in the factory, are what guarantee the excellent performance, positioning, and growth of the different brands to which we are dedicated and with which we work hand in hand. 

GES Corp

About Us

About 22 years ago, we entered the world of retail, which has allowed us to gain experience and extensive knowledge about what our consumers expect from us. With this, we have learned that the production process, quality controls, design and management at the different sale points are fundamental. Therefore, we care about going one step ahead, constantly studying global trends so we can always deliver something different through our brands of clothing, footwear, accessories, complements and bicycles.

What We Do

Learn how we work. Every step makes the difference.

01 Coolhunting & Lifestyle

We look for the best and most current trends, according to the DNA of each brand. We're constantly looking around the world, taking trend trips and actively informing ourselves of what's to come.

02 Collections Design

We offer complete collection folders that show what the brand wants to show at the sale point.

03 Manufacture

Through our office located in Shanghai, China, we watch over the production and each of its stages in the different factories where we work. We also worry about not leaving any detail out.

04 Quality Control

We have developed a modern and effective way to carry out quality controls on our productions in each of the factories in which we operate, using georeferenced technology to avoid any intervention in the final reports.

05 Shipping

We make sure the merchandise we have manufactured, gets on the defined transport at the time and the manner established

06 Sale Support

We have a vast team of retail, route workers and stockers who are in charge of the correct and effective placement of the merchandise at the destination sale point. We care about effective sell out management.

Our Brands

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