Living on the edge.

Living on the edge.

Living on the edge.


We create comfortable, high-tech sportswear with the latest trends in color, prints, shapes and sizes. And with them you will achieve higher and better performance.

It is a technical clothing brand that adapts to all kinds of activities and outdoor life. We are pioneers in making this type of product at an affordable price for our clients. The design is distinctive, but at the same time it maintains sober lines, making the brand one of daily use, both for urban activities and those that have more extreme demands.

Our garments provide comfort and convenience, with specific features and technologies for each product, achieving the perfect balance.

Our products:

  • Base layers: tops and pants
  • Fleece and Midlayer: softshell, microfleece, shaggys and hoodies
  • Jackets and vest: hard shell, coats and jackets filled with recycled polyester REPREVE ®
  • Urban and tech shirts
  • T-shirts with UV filter
  • Pants and cargo shorts

Our brand has been in the national market for more than 15 years. Today you can find it in Paris multi-stores in the sports area. 

Antimicrobial and patented technology, which serves as a shield that is responsible for protecting the user from infections, by creating a hostile environment for different types of bacteria so they cannot survive. This includes eliminating and inhibiting the viral replication of covid-19.

We are a company that cares about sustainability and the future, therefore we have started using Repreve, the leading fiber created from recycled materials. With which less gasses are emitted, and more water and energy are saved, compared to virgin fiber. In addition, it incorporates high-performance properties such as moisture management, thermal regulation, odor control, cushioning and elasticity, making our products of reliable and long-lasting quality.

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