Manufacturing Processes

We have a manufacturing process that differs of any process of manufacturing clothing on the market. Our presence Shanghai, China enables us to distribute our products to anywhere in the world quickly and safely. For over 22 years, in GES CORP we have been concerned to develop efficient operational processes that justify your investment for the development and positioning of your collections. Design based on the latest trends and according to the needs of each brand of our customers, each item is sent to China, India and/ or Bangladesh for manufacturing; monitoring in real time the: quality of fabrics, seams and accessories, labor, fine finishes and the whole shipping process.

We also have factories certified in different levels that allow us to deliver an excellent service and is within the highest quality standards worldwide.

With GES Corp, you get great benefits in terms of production:

  • Contact with more than 100 fabrics in China, India and Bangladesh.
  • Worldwide distribution.
  • Possibility of large-scale manufacturing, or in needs of our clients.
  • We have real-time presence in the factories who make the products, avoiding surprises that could affect the quality required by the brand.

To the date, we have over 100 factories that have brought more than 100 million units over the past 10 years, reaching more than 1,000 points of sale in 15 countries.