Currently, more and more importance is given to dressing quickly and efficiently, and thus be prepared for any situation and weather. This efficiency goes hand in hand with the concept of dressing in layers, each one with a specific function. That is why within this category we are constantly developing new products, to deliver the best at the most affordable prices possible.

  • Base Layer: Quick-drying, usually UV-protected, tight-fitting t-shirts that generate frictional heat and also easily evaporate sweat.
  • Fleece and midlayer: Generally light jackets (softshell) or microfleece, which maintain temperature and may also have some other functions such as water, cold and wind repellency.
  • Jackets and vest: their main function is extreme weather protection and thermal insulation. Here we can find water resistant products, such as down-filled parkas (jackets), or totally waterproof hard shells with sealed seams.

This is how we design and develop a complete mix of products that adapt to the needs of each of our clients, from the simplest to the most technical, but always with a commercial vision and always aware of fashion trends. 

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